Ironbark 20 June 2019

Ironbark backs Give Back My Super

Ironbark Funding has agreed to back an investigation by Give Back My Super into retail superannuation funds about breaches of their duty to act in members’ best interests as opposed to their own.

Following dramatic evidence given at the Royal Commission into Banking, we believe a number of retail super funds have preferred their interests over that of members, resulting in significant reductions to members’ super funds in the short term, which is amplified when members reach retirement age. We are investigating conduct which is yet to come to light but which appears, at this stage, to constitute breaches by retail funds by increasing their fees at the expense of members.  Ironbark wants to even the playing field by backing members’ claims against some of the largest corporate organisations in the country.

Ironbark and the Give Back My Super team are asking all past and present retail super fund members to register their details at the website below following which one of our team members will contact registrants to discuss their particular circumstances.  If our investigation results in a claim, we will be backing that claim on behalf of members to recover super that has been paid away from members’ accounts to the retail fund unfairly.  Any money recovered will replenish member’s super funds.

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