Our Promise

We minimise your financial risk, increase certainty and help you reach a successful outcome.

We understand it is critical that opposing parties know the funded party will be well resourced right to the end. We quickly and transparently assess each case and have the resources to fund through to trial if it is required.

Why Ironbark?

  • 01. We are flexible, commercial, responsive and accessible allowing us to make decisions quickly
  • 02. We have a streamlined funding process with immediately available onshore capital for investment
  • 03. We undertake case monitoring adapted to each matter to avoid unnecessary red tape
  • 04. We work collaboratively with claimants and lawyers because we believe teamwork is fundamental to a successful claim
  • 05. We add value by drawing on our deep experience and knowledge of litigation and our strong industry networks
  • 06. When we decide to fund matters we allocate sufficient capital to fund it to completion

Who is Ironbark Funding?

At Ironbark we bring decades of legal and business experience together with a deep pool of onshore capital.

Managing Director, Doug Hayter has over 15 years experience as a litigator in Australia and off-shore. Doug is supported by a team of professionals who assist him with case assessment and management.


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We are committed to giving claimants the support they require to obtain the result they deserve

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But what is Litigation Funding?

Litigation funding removes the financial risk of litigation for claimants. Litigation funding enables a party to litigate or arbitrate without having to pay for it. A third party professional funder can pay some or all of the costs/expenses associated with a dispute in return for a share of the proceeds if it is successful. If the litigation is not successful, the funder bears the costs it has agreed to fund.

Litigation funding is a valuable resource for any person or company that

  • Has inadequate funds to prosecute a claim
  • Wants to de-risk the financial burden of litigation including the risk of paying the other side‚Äôs costs
  • Wants to free up capital for other business purposes
  • Wants to meet a security for costs order
  • Wants to ensure their claim is appropriately resourced and prosecuted
  • Has a claim that is best prosecuted as part of a group or class